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Hair Treatments – Which Ones Are Right For You?

Among the many popular hair treatments are hot oil treatments. These hair treatments work to close the hair cuticle, which results in softer and more manageable hair. This hair treatment takes anywhere from thirty minutes to an hour, depending on the individual’s needs and hair type. Best used on dry, frizzy, and coloured hair, hot oil treatments are highly effective in reducing the appearance of thinning hair. You can try this treatment every two to three weeks for an amazing boost in the condition of your hair.

Moisturisers are perhaps the most common hair treatment, and are great for those with frizzy, dry hair or curls with little bounce. They work to repair any damage to the cortex, including damage caused by sun, over-drying, and colouring. Moisturisers are excellent for people who want to maintain healthy looking tresses but are too busy to take a shower. They are also great for treating damaged hair, such as dry, brittle, and thinning strands.

Keratin is a protein found in the hair that helps to make it stronger. It can also make your hair appear to grow faster. However, keratin treatments are not recommended for people with weakened or chemically damaged hair, as many contain formaldehyde, a dangerous chemical when inhaled. Protein treatments are also not very pleasant to the hair, and most leave it feeling greasy. If you are looking for a stronger and more manageable hairstyle, keratin is a good choice.

A detox treatment works on the scalp and ends of the strands, reducing oiliness at the roots and adding body. The process involves chemical, mechanical, and physical processes, which promote hair growth. The hair treatment helps regulate the secretion of oil, leaving tresses shiny and clean. The detox process also improves scalp health and stimulates hair growth. If you use a lot of styling products, you should consider a detox treatment.

A basic keratin treatment penetrates the cortex of your hair, giving it a smooth, shiny, and healthy appearance for at least six months. Afterwards, you can style your hair as you usually would, without the use of flat irons. This treatment is an excellent choice for those with curly or frizzy hair. In addition to its anti-frizz effect, it also helps reduce curls and keeps your hair smooth for four months.

Chemical hair straighteners are highly alkaline, and it can damage your hair if you decide to change its color. To avoid this, consider using demi-permanent hair dyes, which contain no ammonia or ethanolamine. They do not open the cuticle scales, preserving the fiber’s integrity. If you do decide to go for a permanent hair color, be sure to wait 15 days after chemical straightening. Light shades will not work well with a chemical relaxer, because these products will cause damage to the scalp.

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